Your Icy Driveway Is a Safety Hazard

Freddy's Commercial Lawn Care offers rock salt for sale in Mason, OH

Winters in Mason, OH can get rough in a hurry. Do you often find yourself trapped at home or unable to get to your business because of ice and snow? Freddy's Commercial Lawn Care has a solution. We're now selling rock salt by the 50-lb. bag or in bulk. You can sign up for delivery or visit our location to pick up your salt. We offer fair and honest prices to keep our community safe

Order salt from Freddy's Commercial Lawn Care today.

What is calcium chloride?

What is calcium chloride?

Want to explore a new method for eliminating ice and snow? We also sell calcium chloride. This compound breaks down ice quickly, leaving behind a safe, bare walkway or driveway. Many home and business owners choose calcium chloride because it's fast and cost-effective. You can buy it from our licensed and insured company to stay safe all winter long.

Ask us for a free estimate on rock salt or calcium chloride sales and delivery now. We serve home and business owners in Mason, OH.